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Yes, its true. The “Baby Ruth” incident cometh, brought on by my very own twinnies. It was broughtin’. Someday they will murder me for blogging about it, but for now, I’m singin like a canary. Tweet freakin’ tweet.

Thank God it happened at home. We did not cause a public health scare; for that I am grateful. And if I’m honest, I am in large part to blame. I over-sudzed the bath. California Baby “I Love You” bubble bath smells so dang good. Well. I didn’t love what was going on under the bubbles, let me tell ya.

The first clue was when Jungledad plucked up a little orb he saw peeking through the bubbles. He said “Hmm, what’s this?” then squished it between his fingers and took a whiff. I can’t even describe the intensity of the look of horror and repulsion that came over his face.

I brushed the bubbles aside with my arm, and will need years of therapy for what I saw. Not 1, not 2, but an entire sea of turd guppies confronted me. I am not exaggerating here. This was a goddam log drive, and they were laughing at me, bobbing up and down in the water and playing Marco Polo.

Why is it that when you become a mother no one warns you that you may have to spend Friday night netting a school of dungfish out of your own bathtub?


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